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Netway Design is proud to offer the complete and highest valued windows reseller hosting packages available anywhere on the World Wide Web. Netway Design offer ample of web hosting space to you for storing your web site along with keeping your website projects collection online. With our every windows reseller web hosting packages you will get enough bandwidth for millions of visitors in a month.

We offer economical & cheap Windows Hosting services in India & across the world. Our Windows Based Hosting comes with own hosting control panel to give you full control Panel for Windows hosting. We have lots of cheap and reasonable Windows hosting plans in India to suit nearly every Windows web hosting requirements.

Windows Based hosting offer web hosting plans that run on that Windows Server (Windows 2003, Windows 2008) platform and support Microsoft programming languages such as .ASP and .NET. Current versions of Windows Server also support PHP. In addition, the Windows platform supports the use of MS Access and MSSQL databases alongside a range of other solutions developed by Microsoft.

Your websites, database and emails are in good hands. We've deal with all the roll outs of ASP 1 through to ASP 2 and then ASP 3. We also hold all the technicalities of all the different versions .Net, making it unspoiled for our web hosting customers.

If you have any specific windows 2008 web hosting require which is not planned in our plans then you can contact us for your windows 2008 web hosting specific aspect rich requirements, we will pay our attempt to fulfil your tailored windows 2008 web hosting element and help you.

For the Customization of the element list description Please Contact Us.